Nobody likes a smarty pants unless they’re on your team.

We are bound and determined to project our freakishly geeky love of technology and marketing into the world.  We blame it on our parents.  They raised a bunch of smarty pants kids who can’t help but shout awesomeness from the rooftops in an effort to recruit a clan of geeky and wannabe geeky followers.

Arming you for battle.

Our parents didn’t expect us to learn how to tie our shoes on our own; we don’t expect you to magically know how to work your website.  Every website with maintenance capabilities comes complete with training and 30 days of free support, so when you break something you can call us to fix it.  Even after you can call us for web updates or hire us to do full time website maintenance.

Get Smart Workshops.

Our annual workshop series addresses topics important to do-it-yourselfers and marketing staff.  Get Smart Workshops are open to our clients and the public.lunch_n_learn apple

Registration is required.


Spreading the love.

We spread our love of technology and marketing any way we’re invited. We’ve spoken to many groups in and around Columbia, MO about topics such as website planning, business image, email marketing basics and more.  Contact us if you’d like us to send a MayeCreate-er to your group or organization and feel free to suggest your own topic.

Get your pride on. Start with a conversation.

Contact us at 573-447-1836 or fill out our form to get started.