Our Magic 8-ball is busted, that’s OK.

You’ll ask us, “What do I need to do?” And expect that we have a magic answer. Our Magic-8 ball is busted; fortunately, we have experience to fall back on. We’ll find an answer together based on three things:

1.What you want
2.What you need
3.What your clients want

We don’t need a Magic-8 ball.

We do what many tech geeks can’t. Tech geeks are so good at thinking about how a website works they often forget to make it work for the most important person of all – the end user.

Don’t want to pay for help?

Planning a winning website.Check out our website planning e-book or just keep working with that Magic 8-ball, he’s sure to pick a winner eventually.

We analyze instead of guessing or relying on a clairvoyant piece of plastic.

  • Honesty – The tough part about consulting is occasionally you say things that others don’t like.  Change is a tough decision. We’re here to hold your hand or, well, kick you in the rear if you need it.
  • Interpretation – We’ll decode your site traffic patterns and tweak key areas to improve flow through the site to a desired destination.
  • Site Review – We’ll tell you how you can improve your website and your customers’ experience while using it.
  • Competitive Analysis – We take a sneaky peak at your competition and tell you what is working on their sites and what’s not.
  • Site Plan – We start fresh and create a master plan for you to wow your clients and exceed your industry standards, and we determine if that means starting from scratch or tweaking your current website.

Get your pride on. Start with a conversation.

Contact us at 573-447-1836 or fill out our form to get started.