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Email templates are a bit tricky.  Here are some tips:

  • They must be built using tables and have certain requirements that must be done in order for them to display correctly on all computers so keep it simple.
  • Consider starting with a table with three rows, make an image header for the top row and be sure to give it an alt tag so something will display in case the user doesn’t automatically download images in their emails.
  • Use the second row to format your message, I suggest text using inline css styling to format. If you’re not sure how to do this you may consider reading a few tutorials online or buying a book about css styling.  I love the books!  WC3 are the gurus that set the standards http://www.w3.org/
  • If you’d like to include images with your message be sure to format them using a table as well or they may not show up where you want them to.  You can put a table within a table.
  • All images must be placed on a server and absolute sourced.
  • In the bottom row place your contact information and if you’re sending these through your personal email account be sure to tell them how to opt out.

For our mass emails we use Emma, we also offer this service to our clients, as well as building email templates if you need any help with that.  Check out http://www.mayecreate.com/our-specialties/email-marketing/ for more information or contact us for a consultation.

  1. Follow steps for viewing  who opened your mailing
  2. Click the CLICKS TAB
  3. Click the drop menu and choose the link to target
  4. Click search button
  5. Click SAVE in the new Window to Save them as a Group
  6. Follow steps for Sending Campaigns


  1. Click on the RESPONSE tab
  2. Click on campaign that you want to view
  3. Click OPENS


  1. Click on Campaign group
  2. Proof Campaign in Proof Tab
  3. Click SEND


  1. Click on EDIT TEXT tab
  2. Enter  desired link text and highlight
  3. Click the link icon
  4. Link to desired page (website, email, etc.)
  5. Enter address of link
  6. Click the drop bar on window
  7. Choose open new window.
  8. Click Save
  1. Follow previous steps Click on CLICK TO EDIT
  2. Enter Text and Click SAVE


  1. Click CAMPAIGNS Tab
  2. Click on desired Campaign
  3. Click on EDIT tab
  4. Click  CHANGE current Stationary
  5. Choose CALLOUTS E marketing and Remodel
  6. Click CHANGE current layout
  7. Choose Layout desired


  1. Click CAMPAIGNS
  2. Under Create New click MAILINGS on Left side of page
  3. Under Edit tab enter Subject of Mailing and Name of Your Campaign
  4. Click CHANGE current Stationary
  5. Click Callouts (see edit stationary see those directions)
  6. Click EDIT text an Photos
  7. Click Save and Preview Tab


  1. Click on AUDIENCE tab
  2. Click SEARCH tab near bottom of page
  3. Click SEARCH button
  4. Choose Search criteria and click ADD
  5. Fill in selected fields and click ADD
  6. Click DONE


  1. Under audience tab click GROUPS
  2. Name group and Click CREATE
  3. Click VIEW ALL  of the members in your audience
  4. Choose member desired and click VIEW
  5. Check group that you want to add the person to
  6. Click Save and  Exit
  7. Continue till all members desired have been added


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