We’re excited to support the Daym Gives Back free logo workshop.

To prepare for the event please complete the form below to download the pre-planning workshop materials.

These materials include:

font book

Font Style Worksheet

This resource explains the basics of fonts, breaking them into style groups and pairing those groups with representative fonts.  Your perfect font may not live in the pages of this worksheet but your perfect style will.  By understanding the basics of fonts and selecting a style that fits your business your designer will be able to assist with finding the perfect font for your logo the evening of the event.

Loco Icon Collection

Logo Icon Collection

This booklet is a collection of pre-illustrated icons ready to use with your logo.  The colors can shapes can be altered to match the style of your business and font selection.  Not all logos or businesses need an icon but if imagery is a must have for your logo start your designer moving in the right direction by selecting a few images from this collection as a starting point for modification the evening of the event.

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