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If only we could lay out website options for you like this…

It seems lately I’ve been asked quite often, “Why would I choose a custom WordPress site when another company can provide a SquareSpace site for less money?”

Often it is my responsibility to lead a company to the solution that best fits their needs, even if the solution isn’t a custom website built by MayeCreate. If I don’t lead them to the right solution, I am putting a long term relationship at risk.

Pros and Cons of Custom Websites vs. Templates

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love-wordpress-2WordPress,a free and open source blogging tool and content management system, is so popular among the web developers in our community it almost feels like a buzz word. Though statistics say WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress powers over 76 million websites, almost 26% of all websites. According to Builtwith.com, WordPress websites account for more than 42% of the top 10,000 sites using a content management system, more than any other alternative.

Why WordPress?

With stats like these WordPress must be easy to love. But what makes developers want to cuddle up? Read More >


content-strategy-2Content strategy? Sounds complicated. What in the world is that anyways?

Those are just a few of the thoughts I had in my head when I first heard the term content strategy. So what is it exactly? Everyone has different definitions, but the best one I have found is:

A content strategy is the high-level vision guiding future content development to deliver against a specific business objective.

Ok, what the heck does that mean? I interpret it as taking a specific objective or goal for your business, and planning your content, social media and email marketing to help you achieve that goal. Hopefully that makes a little more sense. We’ll discuss it more throughout, so let’s get to it. Read More >


With how the buying process works today, chances are consumers are researching your company online and outsourcing information about you and your brand before even coming close to talking to you. That being said, in today’s world when a company starts marketing, their main goal is to reel in their target market without even going fishing. They want to develop relationships with potential customers before the sales staff starts talking. This idea of bringing people in can be done in multiple ways, including blogging. Blogging is a tool we encourage our customers to implement weekly to bring in consumers through information about the industry they’re in. 

Spradling Home Screen Shot

Here’s a screen shot of Spradling Home Inspections, LLC’s website.

We recently worked with Spradling Home Inspections to enhance their online marketing and drive more traffic to their website in an effort to generate leads. Let’s dive into the details.

What We Did

We advised Spradling Home Inspections to start with email marketing, which was great, but it just wasn’t generating the results they were looking for. People were opening the newsletters and reading but not going to the site.  And leads were staying steady.  So, we suggested they take the great information that was in the emails, and add them to their website in individual blog posts.

In the process Spradling redesigned their old website and installed an email signup pop-up inviting visitors to join their list.  

Spradling Home Inspections started blogging in May 2014. Since then, they have posted an average of 2 times per month. Overall, added 18 posts in their first 6 months of blogging, 27 posts in their second 6 month time span and 20 posts in their third 6 month span. Since it’s all about numbers, let’s take a look at the data. Read More >


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined by Wikipedia as the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural (or unpaid or organic) search results. This may sound like a bunch of tech jargon to most, but the truth is that SEO is really important. Good SEO means that your company’s website is appearing at the top of search results for people interested in your services. So, when someone looking to have construction services done searches in Google for “columbia construction,” your website is right at the top of their search results, heightening the chances of them clicking the link, seeing your site, and bringing you business.

Organic vs. Paid Search Results

Organic search results are the results that SEO brings you. Paid search results are the ones you have to pay for, using a service from Google called “Adwords”.

google-search-organic-vs-paidPaid search results are nice because they get you right to the top or side of a search result, but keep in mind that they will go away once you stop paying, or if someone else is willing to pay more. Good SEO ensures that your company stays at the top of the organic search results, delivering consistent web traffic and business leads.

So…does my company need SEO?

Great question! There are two good ways to answer that question.  First we’ll talk about how you find business, then we’ll talk about how your site currently displays in search results. Read More >


feat image carousel slidesCarousel Slides- Sounds like a carnival ride!

Just imagine a carousel slide; how cool would that be? You could slide while spinning in circles- add that to my list of things to invent. Too bad the carousel slides I’m talking about may not be as fun, but they are just as cool. Carousel Slides is an easy-to-use and effective tool for creating a sliding image carousel on your front page. Showcase your photography, products, staff members and more to your website’s audience using Carousel Slides in WordPress.

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Ever seen a website with god-awful photo displays and wonky image sizing? The sad truth is, many of us have. Nothing ruins good content faster than bad images. Luckily, we have tools called NextGen Gallery and Image Resizer to make sure you have full control on the size and placement of your website’s images.

NextGen Gallery is a great tool for managing your website’s images. It is a WordPress plugin that handles the essentials of adding images and galleries, managing existing images, adding images to albums. Image Resizer is a simple tool that allows one to resize images to fit correctly into parts of their website. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s get started. Read More >



If you look around today’s world, it seems like everyone feels the need to have the latest and greatest. Everyone wants the fastest and most efficient product no matter what its function is. We expect these products to be even better than the ones before it. And since we want it so bad, we’ll pay hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to get it.

The new iPhone 6 plus- gotta have it. The new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor- gotta have it. The new PlayStation 4- gotta have it. The new MacBook- gotta have it. But let’s take a second to think of what all of these things have in common…

They’re all updates! Those products are made to be better than their old versions. It may be the same product, but there are always new features that seduce the buyer into thinking they absolutely need it, or they’re going to be out of the loop.

If people are willing to jump hurdles to update their technology and vehicles, why aren’t they updating their software? Maybe they don’t realize how important it is for their website or computer. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s just as important to keep your software updated – especially WordPress and plugins! Read More >


Have you ever found yourself uploading the same picture to your WordPress site over and over again in various sizes trying to find the one that fits perfectly with the other content on the page? It can be an extremely aggravating and time consuming process, wasting unnecessary energy.

If you’re a blogger like me, you know how important it is to use your time efficiently to produce quality content. The less time I spend getting an image to use up exactly how much space I want it to, the more time I have to research interesting topics, write about them in engaging ways, and share them with target audience members. To save time, I use the image scaler available directly within our WordPress site.

How to Scale an Image in WordPress

The first time you add a media file to your WordPress page, there’s a good chance it’s not going to be the size you need it to be to fit comfortably on the page. Of course, you could have used another editing tool to size the image to a specific pixel height and width before uploading it to your media library, but why add an extra step when you can do everything in one place?

Step 1: Upload Image to Library

Within your new post, click on the “Add Media” button near the top left corner of the page. Add Media on WordPressThe screen will automatically route to your media library showing the images you’ve previously uploaded. Click on the “Upload Files” button to add a new image. Read More >


Common dog-park scenario number 1:

Hooper and Lola are playing in the backyard. Suddenly, the dogs are snapping and snarling at each other. The dispute ends quickly and nobody gets hurt, but the humans are shaken. None of them saw that canine argument coming.

Common dog-park scenario number 2:

Hooper and Lola bounce and wrestle. They never stop moving, flashing their teeth at each other, snarling, growling. Their people watch them anxiously, then wade in to break up the “fight.”

Can You Tell if Dogs are Playing or Fighting?

  • In the first scenario, the humans missed the signs of escalating tension between their dogs.
  • In the second scenario, they missed the dogs’ mutual signals that all the roughhousing and horrible noises were play.
  • This week, play–how dogs communicate playful intentions, what play styles different dogs enjoy, and how to tell when the game may be about to go awry.

How Do Dogs Signal They Want to Play?

  1. Most of you probably already know that play often starts with a “play bow”–front end low, butt wiggling in the air, goofy openmouthed smile.
  2. Behavior nerds call the play bow a metasignal, meaning it tells the recipient how to interpret what comes next.
  3. When Lola offers Hooper a play bow, she’s communicating that subsequent lunges, growls, bounces, and snaps aren’t real threats.
  4. When two dogs know each other well, they may barely sketch the play bow. The wonderful researcher and writer Alexandra Horowitz calls the result a “play slap”–exactly what it sounds like, a fast slap with the forepaws of the ground in front of the dog.

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