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Simon Oswald Architecture's new websiteCombining Image and Integrity

Here’s a company with a purpose that we can really relate to: Simon Oswald Architecture. In 1987, this company was founded on the principle that architecture & interior design are fundamentally connected, so when working with their clients, they strive to create a structure that fits their functional requirements as well as their desired image. It’s obvious why we loved working with them so much, isn’t it? We pride ourselves in doing the same with web design! Read More >


Eyedentity Eyewear has a new website!A Clear Vision for Success

The mission at Williams & Associates Eyecare & Eyedentity Eyewear is to ensure healthy vision for all of their patients. They have a staff of experts who strive to provide the most convenient and cost-effective optometry care possible in Columbia, MO. Their goal in providing great customer service is to meet patients’ exact needs and preferences, not throw them a sales pitch. It was empowering to work with a team who strives more for quality of service rather than quantity of dollars made. Read More >


Put Your Website to Work for Your BusinessThe days of a stagnant brochure style website are gone.  Google heavily favors sites publishing new and quality content.  As I mentioned in my last article, 2014 State of B2B Procurement study from the Acquity Group, 94 % of business buyers do some type of online research prior to buying.  A rockin’ website is not just for fun anymore.  And at the current price for developing a site, you don’t just need a website that’s fluffy and pretty–you need a website you can put to work.

How to put your site to work.

  1. Step one is do the thing I tell you to do in nearly every article I write…wait for it…ASSESS YOUR TARGET MARKET.  Who are they? What does your target really need to make the decision to work with you?  What would make it easier for them to do business with you?  
  2. Then, something I almost never tell you to do, THINK ABOUT YOURSELF.  What menial tasks are taking up your time?  How could you change your business by changing your website?  How can your website make your business easier to run and for your clients or prospects to engage with you?
  3. DO THOSE THINGS.  Even if they seem hard or expensive or undo-able, it may be the next great thing. Or it may be the thing that makes your business great.  

I realize putting your site to work is still rather vague, despite those three illuminating points above, it’s not easy to  your mind around. Let’s take a look at some examples of how your website can work for you. Read More >


Creating a Smoother PathMissouri Petroleum's New Website

A St. Louis, MO based company since 1932, Missouri Petroleum has decades of experience in road construction and pavement preservation. They manufacture and distribute asphalt-based products to help preserve and maintain paved surfaces in over 30 states nationwide. Thanks to their experienced and expert personnel, they have a reputation for innovation and integrity that is unrivaled in the industry, An all-around laid-back group of people, this company strives for a smooth, solid path to success just like we do, which was what made working with them so enjoyable for us! Read More >


Restoration EyecareEnvisioning a Clearer World

Restoration Eye Care has been improving vision for Mid-Missourians since 2003. The kind and caring staff is highly knowledgeable and efficient in what they provide. Using the latest technologies available, they’re able to achieve precisely tailored and targeted results for each set of eyes who seek them out for greater visual clarity. It’s great to work with a company who considers clear vision to be as invaluable as we do. Read More >


Grace Staffing Home Page

GRACE Staffing Inc., an innovative and original RN owned staffing company, has hundreds of quality health care and nursing jobs from which to choose. Founded in 2005, they are a veteran-owned business placing RN’s, / LPN’s, Licensed Therapists, and more. With them, you have the ability to choose your own schedule, pay, and location; your career can finally fit your lifestyle. GRACE Staffing Inc. values their employees as members of their family and family is what matters most. This was our second website we have built for them, and they are a lot of fun to work with! Read More >


Our newest guide is ready for download- build better websites with our Building Websites for Plumbers Guide for FREE! This guide is targeted towards plumbing companies but can be valuable for any trade company wanting to update their website. We provide examples of well designed websites, five website must haves and current plumbing industry website trends.

book-cover-2 Read More >


If only we could lay out website options for you like this…

It seems lately I’ve been asked quite often, “Why would I choose a custom WordPress site when another company can provide a SquareSpace site for less money?”

Often it is my responsibility to lead a company to the solution that best fits their needs, even if the solution isn’t a custom website built by MayeCreate. If I don’t lead them to the right solution, I am putting a long term relationship at risk.

Pros and Cons of Custom Websites vs. Templates

Read More >


love-wordpress-2WordPress,a free and open source blogging tool and content management system, is so popular among the web developers in our community it almost feels like a buzz word. Though statistics say WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress powers over 76 million websites, almost 26% of all websites. According to Builtwith.com, WordPress websites account for more than 42% of the top 10,000 sites using a content management system, more than any other alternative.

Why WordPress?

With stats like these WordPress must be easy to love. But what makes developers want to cuddle up? Read More >


Book CoverOur newest e-book is ready for download- build better websites with our Asphalt & Paving E-Book for FREE! This e-book is targeted towards asphalt and paving companies but can be valuable for any trade company wanting to update their website. We provide examples of well designed websites, five website must haves and current asphalt industry website trends. Read More >

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