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We call a sandwich with ham in the middle a ham sandwich. But when you read a menu, is it the ham that entices you to order the sandwich?marketing-sandwich-2

Here’s what I mean. Which sandwich would you order?

Honey Ham Griller: Thick-sliced honey baked ham, just how your grandma makes it, on buttered Texas toast grilled in a cast-iron pan. Topped with lettuce, tomato slab, caramelized onions and our secret savory honey mustard mayo.

Ham Sandwich: Our signature ham sandwich.

I know which sandwich I’d order. When faced with creating a marketing plan, business owners think strategy: how to market their message, how to generate more website traffic, how to set more appointments, how to make more sales. Your strategy is ham. It’s the meat of the sandwich. But if you jump straight to the meat, you miss the crucial why and what, the details separating your sandwich from others, that support your how. Read More >


Book CoverOur newest e-book is ready for download- build better websites with our Asphalt & Paving E-Book for FREE! This e-book is targeted towards asphalt and paving companies but can be valuable for any trade company wanting to update their website. We provide examples of well designed websites, five website must haves and current asphalt industry website trends. Read More >


Think back to your high school art class when the teacher would hand you a huge, white sheet of paper and expect you to make something out of nothing. Some kids would start going to town drawing, and others just sat there with their mind as blank as their paper. There are a lot of people that face this same struggle today, just with a different medium.

Creativity seems like a tough thing to tackle if you’re not naturally creative. Business News Daily reports Tina Seelig, executive director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program, which is the entrepreneurship center at Stanford University School of Engineering, believes creativity is a skill.

“In fact, it is one of the most important skills we can master,” says Seelig. “With enhanced creativity, instead of problems we see potential, instead of obstacles we see opportunities, and instead of challenges we see a chance to create solutions. Creativity is critically important in everything we do, including designing products, growing businesses, and building alliances between nations. We are literally inventing the future every moment. And these skills can be learned.

Luckily, there are many ways to get your creative juices flowing to complete whatever task is at hand. So let’s get creative and write that blog post, take awesome pictures, or even just tell your kids an awesome bedtime story. Read More >


Social media is not going away anytime soon. It can be a huge benefit for companies to use in their marketing mix. Jon Loomer says it best, “the million dollar question asked by many marketers relates to how to increase Facebook Likes. But the key problem should be attacking how you get relevant Facebook Fans. It’s about quality, not quantity!”

Use the marketing assets your organization already has to build your Facebook audience:

  • Email your subscribers asking them to like your page.  
  • Put a notice on your website.  
  • Add an invitation to follow you on Facebook in your email signature or digital invoices.
  • Place a sign on your reception desk.
  • Get creative!

Meanwhile utilize the man great features Facebook offers to promote your page to gain more followers inviting friends, coworkers and acquaintances to follow your page.  Last but not least consider promoting your page using a paid advertisement.  See our infographic for more details and resources.

Building Your Facebook Audience Steps


Email marketing can reach many donors in a cost effective manner.  To get started you’ll need to create your list.  Then continue building and nurturing your list over time.  Measure your email marketing, learning the likes and dislikes of your audience and give them more of what they like to keep them interested and engaged with your organization.

If you’re already engaged with email marketing consider leveraging your email list to build your social media following.  Ask your subscribers to like you then you can reach out to them via multiple mediums.

While email is a proven and effective medium without tracking and tweaking you could just be annoying your subscribers and lowering their interest in your organization.  HubSpot agrees, “while email has managed to stand the test of time, many marketers have failed to update their strategies since its inception.”

Email Campaign Steps


Mail and phone campaigns are still enforced in many businesses as an essential marketing tool. However, it’s usually combined with other marketing efforts for best success.

According to Target Marketing Magazine, “when planned, executed and refined correctly, they (direct mailing) can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results.”

Nonprofit organizations often partner more traditional mail and phone campaigns with email and Facebook. We will take a look at those two next in our campaign blog series.

Nonprofit Hub still believes, “for many NPOs (Nonprofit Organizations), saddling up, getting down in the dirt and hitting the phones is still one of the most effective ways to get those donations.”

Mail & Phone Campaign Steps

MayeCreate Interns

MayeCreate interns Carley Hummel and Allison Spence.

Interns are a staple in the MayeCreate company culture.  I find myself encouraging more and more of my clients to hire an intern to help with their marketing efforts.  Though many are leery, not knowing where to find an intern with the necessary skills and interests or which tasks interns are capable of handling. Read More >


What can an intern do?

Internship Illustration Interns can do anything from get coffee to marketing tasks, bookkeeping, answer your phone, filing, or you can even have them run errands.  Ultimately any project they have the skills for, entry-level or routine tasks that are easy to train. Unless very well documented, I find super technical tasks (unless they’re going to school for it) are difficult to delegate to interns.  If the task isn’t well documented you can spend the whole summer training the interns to take on the responsibilities and then they leave when school starts – which isn’t the best investment of your time.   I find the best activities for short term interns are specific projects or routine structured activities. At MayeCreate those activities may include: simple site updates, business card and letterhead design, blogging, social media posting, photo editing or illustrations. Read More >


So many small businesses monitor by hours in the day, living by the clock.  If you have a full day of work 5 days a week you’re doing great and your bank account will reward you for your labors.  

Then suddenly your business requires more hours than you have to give in a day.  And you start wondering – when do I know when I need to hire a new person?  How many leads do I actually have to generate to afford my new person?  Is my marketing working? What’s my return on investment?  And that’s when things get tricky.

With all the data available now it’s hard to know what numbers mean what.  What to pay attention to and what to ignore.   Ultimately you can gather all the numbers you want but if you don’t review them they are actually less valuable than living entirely by the clock.

The numbers can be overwhelming at first so get started by defining a goal for what you want your marketing to do.  Then determine what metrics will help you determine if it’s working.  To keep it simple think of your measurement metrics in three buckets.   Read More >

Printed article published in the Columbia Business Times Magazine

Written by MayeCreate’s founder Monica Pitts and originally published in Columbia Business Times magazine. Check out the Columbia Business Times for interesting profiles, news, updates on developments and important local issues.

A good website is a lot like a good microwave.  You don’t have to think to use it.  Consider the number of times you’ve went over to your in-laws house and had to use their microwave – only to be bested by the beast.  You end up accidentally resetting the clock and having to go ask for instructions to simply warm up your coffee.

Great websites are an expectation.  Bad websites serve up lukewarm leftovers better off in the dog dish.  Is your website up for human consumption?  Use these hot buttons to heat up your site: Read More >

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