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Online Marketing for Your BusinessIf you’re interested in growing your business, then the answer is YES. Regardless of the size or current success of your company, online marketing has plenty of fruitful options to improve your marketing results.

With online marketing, the world is at your fingertips…No, not literally, because I’m fairly certain that’s not possible. But your access to the world is at your fingertips through a little thing we call the Internet. And with such an easily accessible tool, it’s no wonder companies of all types and sizes are conforming to the online age and harnessing its power to grow. Read More >


Just because you have a giant, diverse email list doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed email marketing success. The success comes when you re-evaluate emails that get to people and what they do with them, and emails that don’t get to their recipients and why.

Bounce is the biggest issue.

The biggest issue with emails is bounce, but not all bounces are the same. For starters, there are soft bounces. These are generally related to technical issues— maybe the email server is not working, an inbox is full or a message is way too big. You might also be rejected as spam or blacklisted by the intended recipient.

But then there’s a hard bounce, which is different in its rejection. You may have sent a note to a nonexistent email address, or you might be completely blocked.

Let’s say your email gets to its intended recipients. If they don’t even look at the email, then it’s almost the same as if your email didn’t get to them at all. Part of what affects open rate is the industry in which you’re focused on. Some professions are simply more focused on opening those messages. And then some people will open their email if you use compelling information about who the email is from and what the subject is. You should also research the very best time to send out your emails, and make sure that you test, test, test— then test some more.

Want to know more about emails and opens and bounces? Use the information in this graphic.

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Online Marketing Lies Exposed


Just some light office reading of Monica’s article in the Columbia Business Times.

Every Time a client calls scared from a sales pitch from some goober company I’ve never even heard of I feel two things:  First, I feel angry that a company would resort to this type of tactic to generate business.  Then I feel grateful for the relationship I have with my client.  Because they trust me enough to call and talk about their unsettling experience.  

Not everyone is my client though, and not everyone has a marketing person they can trust to sort through the crap and tell it straight.  In an effort to thwart the goobers I’m calling the game so you can too.

You know they’re lying if…

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content-strategy-2Content strategy? Sounds complicated. What in the world is that anyways?

Those are just a few of the thoughts I had in my head when I first heard the term content strategy. So what is it exactly? Everyone has different definitions, but the best one I have found is:

A content strategy is the high-level vision guiding future content development to deliver against a specific business objective.

Ok, what the heck does that mean? I interpret it as taking a specific objective or goal for your business, and planning your content, social media and email marketing to help you achieve that goal. Hopefully that makes a little more sense. We’ll discuss it more throughout, so let’s get to it. Read More >


Social media is not going away anytime soon. It can be a huge benefit for companies to use in their marketing mix. Jon Loomer says it best, “the million dollar question asked by many marketers relates to how to increase Facebook Likes. But the key problem should be attacking how you get relevant Facebook Fans. It’s about quality, not quantity!”

Use the marketing assets your organization already has to build your Facebook audience:

  • Email your subscribers asking them to like your page.  
  • Put a notice on your website.  
  • Add an invitation to follow you on Facebook in your email signature or digital invoices.
  • Place a sign on your reception desk.
  • Get creative!

Meanwhile utilize the man great features Facebook offers to promote your page to gain more followers inviting friends, coworkers and acquaintances to follow your page.  Last but not least consider promoting your page using a paid advertisement.  See our infographic for more details and resources.

Building Your Facebook Audience Steps


Email marketing can reach many donors in a cost effective manner.  To get started you’ll need to create your list.  Then continue building and nurturing your list over time.  Measure your email marketing, learning the likes and dislikes of your audience and give them more of what they like to keep them interested and engaged with your organization.

If you’re already engaged with email marketing consider leveraging your email list to build your social media following.  Ask your subscribers to like you then you can reach out to them via multiple mediums.

While email is a proven and effective medium without tracking and tweaking you could just be annoying your subscribers and lowering their interest in your organization.  HubSpot agrees, “while email has managed to stand the test of time, many marketers have failed to update their strategies since its inception.”

Email Campaign Steps


So many small businesses monitor by hours in the day, living by the clock.  If you have a full day of work 5 days a week you’re doing great and your bank account will reward you for your labors.  

Then suddenly your business requires more hours than you have to give in a day.  And you start wondering – when do I know when I need to hire a new person?  How many leads do I actually have to generate to afford my new person?  Is my marketing working? What’s my return on investment?  And that’s when things get tricky.

With all the data available now it’s hard to know what numbers mean what.  What to pay attention to and what to ignore.   Ultimately you can gather all the numbers you want but if you don’t review them they are actually less valuable than living entirely by the clock.

The numbers can be overwhelming at first so get started by defining a goal for what you want your marketing to do.  Then determine what metrics will help you determine if it’s working.  To keep it simple think of your measurement metrics in three buckets.   Read More >

Article published in Columbia Business Times Magazine

Written by MayeCreate’s founder Monica Pitts and originally published in Columbia Business Times magazine. Check out the Columbia Business Times for interesting profiles, news, updates on developments and important local issues.

“I don’t have the time.” Seems that phrase is a small business owner’s mantra.  Despite the time crunch, some owners find time to do the marketing tasks needed to sustain and grow their business while others don’t.  What’s their secret? Read More >


The most cost effective newsletter is an email newsletter. No postage, no printing, what could be better? What is an email newsletter you may ask? Well, it is regularly scheduled, sent out to a list of subscribers, and its contents vary. Some businesses produce unique newsletters with original content while others do not. Some companies may borrow content from other websites to share with their subscribers. Let’s take a look at the different types of email newsletters:

Breaking It Down

Email newsletters can be published in many shapes and forms. The type of newsletter all depends on your business and the content you plan to display, as well as the preferences of your subscribers.

Just to be clear, when I say subscribers, I actually mean subscribers. People have to physically sign up for your email newsletters in order to receive them. Because if they don’t and you send an email to them anyway, you are spamming!

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event invite 2Events can be great marketing tools.  The power of a face to face interaction is hard to match.  The trick is getting bottoms in the seats in a cost effective manner.  Snail mail invitations aren’t the only way to promote an event in 2016.  Promote your event online:

1.Get your creative together.

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