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MayeCreate interns Carley Hummel and Allison Spence.

Interns are a staple in the MayeCreate company culture.  I find myself encouraging more and more of my clients to hire an intern to help with their marketing efforts.  Though many are leery, not knowing where to find an intern with the necessary skills and interests or which tasks interns are capable of handling. Read More >


What can an intern do?

Internship Illustration Interns can do anything from get coffee to marketing tasks, bookkeeping, answer your phone, filing, or you can even have them run errands.  Ultimately any project they have the skills for, entry-level or routine tasks that are easy to train. Unless very well documented, I find super technical tasks (unless they’re going to school for it) are difficult to delegate to interns.  If the task isn’t well documented you can spend the whole summer training the interns to take on the responsibilities and then they leave when school starts – which isn’t the best investment of your time.   I find the best activities for short term interns are specific projects or routine structured activities. At MayeCreate those activities may include: simple site updates, business card and letterhead design, blogging, social media posting, photo editing or illustrations. Read More >


Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning's new website.

Family Values

By doing what it takes to guarantee your complete satisfaction, Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning has been made welcome in thousands of homes in central Missouri.

They started in 1958 as Chapman Heating. Back then, there was no air conditioning. Now, they service many brands and specialize in furnace repair, as well as heat pumps and geothermal systems.

Sure, they’ve grown and invested in new technologies and training, but Chapman still prides themselves on never losing sight of the three secrets to business Grandpa taught them: 1) Take care of the customer; 2) Take care of the customer; 3) Take care of the customer.

Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning was a pleasure to work with because they incorporate the same family values as we do: quality, value and service.

Color Perspective

The color pallet of red and yellow would normally not work well together. Red and yellow are both primary colors, meaning they cannot be created from mixing other colors together. In many cases, these two colors would clash because they are competing against each other.

However, Chapman’s red and yellow surprisingly blend quite well. Even though the colors complimented one another, it made designing a tad challenging. It was difficult to not out do one color over the other, but it made for a fun competition.  

The staff page is another unique aspect of the website. The page randomly pulls information about each staff member to highlight, changing every time you reload the page.

Overall, Chapman ended up with an admirable design. In addition, Chapman was a fantastic company to work with. These two elements combined always make for a superb relationship.

Are you looking for a website?

Does your site need help with company branding, or do you just need a site in general? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.


Construction companies put a lot of thought, time and sweat into what they build, so why not show that off for the world (and other potential customers) to see with a website? Take a look at the following nine trends reoccurring in the industry:

Horizontal Design

Example of a horizontal design on a construction website.

Horizontal designs are a trend in every industry and construction sites are on the bandwagon; they usually entail large horizontal “sections” dividing up the page. A large header photo appears on the screen first, followed by products/services, about/bio and contact information. This makes it essential to scroll down the page to view everything else. It also allows for an overview of the site allowing visitors to easily find what they are looking for.
Read More >


If you plan on designing buildings for a living, plan on designing a website to show off your construction capabilities to their fullest. There is no better way to attract new customers than with a killer online presence. Include the following seven elements on your new website to stay competitive in your  industry.

1. Portfolio Gallery

Example of a construction website portfolio.

Having an area on your website where potential customers can view and validate your work gives you a head up from your competitors. Pictures also give potential customers the ability to be more creative. They may not be able to verbally portray their visions out loud, but they might be able to after viewing other projects that are similar to their own visions. A portfolio gallery is a must have on any website but especially important when trying to market what your commercial construction company is capable of.
Read More >


The construction websites featured here share distinctive design elements and functionalities that make them great. Modern designs and mobile friendliness help generate these commercial construction company websites to stand out.

1. Killian Construction Co.

Commercial construction company servicing the Springfield area.

As a recognized Engineering New Record (ENR) Top 400 firm, Killian Construction Co. is committed to building quality projects while sustaining lifelong partnerships. Killian builds and has built hospitals, hotels, educational facilities, residences, entertainment and sports venues. Their satisfactory construction results from experienced, trained and credentialed practitioners and experts in many career fields, trades and communities of practice.

Large, clear photos, fun animation and a responsive design make a friendly site, inviting visitors in.

Read More >

A boat (SEO) heading towards an island (your website).

Marketing ways (boat) steering towards your website (island).

In honor of summer let’s start with an beachy concept: your website is an island.  Your marketing and search engines like Google are like boats, taking people out to your lovely website island.  Without the boats, traffic to the island is slow.  The more boats you have sending people to your website island, the more visitors you’ll have. So what activities constitute as a boat? Let’s talk about a few ways (a.k.a. boats) to float traffic to your site: Read More >


So many small businesses monitor by hours in the day, living by the clock.  If you have a full day of work 5 days a week you’re doing great and your bank account will reward you for your labors.  

Then suddenly your business requires more hours than you have to give in a day.  And you start wondering – when do I know when I need to hire a new person?  How many leads do I actually have to generate to afford my new person?  Is my marketing working? What’s my return on investment?  And that’s when things get tricky.

With all the data available now it’s hard to know what numbers mean what.  What to pay attention to and what to ignore.   Ultimately you can gather all the numbers you want but if you don’t review them they are actually less valuable than living entirely by the clock.

The numbers can be overwhelming at first so get started by defining a goal for what you want your marketing to do.  Then determine what metrics will help you determine if it’s working.  To keep it simple think of your measurement metrics in three buckets.   Read More >


Sky-Hi Storage Homepage

Welcome to Sky-Hi Storage!

Sky-Hi Storage provides clean and reliable storage units in Columbia. They started their mini storage business back in 2001, and they haven’t raised the rental price since– just one of the benefits of being a family owned and operated facility. Sky-Hi Storage provides affordable, courteous service in a well-­maintained environment, close to campus. They offer climate controlled and non­-climate controlled units that are weather-­tight and secured by cameras and a security gate. Sky-Hi Storage was great to work with, so we’re excited to take their website live! Read More >


Generational Marketing Book Cover

Drum roll please … … … A brand new e-book is ready for download! And it’s FREE! Our latest e-book covers the ins and outs of every generation from baby boomers to the millennials with generation X in between. And in case you didn’t already know, each generation is unique in its own way with varying characteristics.

In this e-book, we take a closer look into what makes every generation click. It also dives into the specific marketing techniques most compatible with each generation and how you, as a business owner, can better reach them. Read More >

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