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5 Things Marketing Can't Fix

It’s the planning time of year. Which for me means RFP’s and lots of conversations with organizations and businesses attempting to change. Some people have their ducks in a row, they know who they are, where they’re going and have a strategy in place to get there. While others are looking for a solution from me that isn’t something I can provide.

Some prospects I meet think marketing is the fix for all their problems. When the real problem with the organization goes far deeper. It’s something marketing can’t even touch. Throwing marketing dollars at it is just burning money.  

Some companies combine business consulting and marketing expertise but even their process starts with business consulting. No consultant worth their salt would just throw a marketing band-aid at a problem marketing can’t solve.  Read More >


Creating a Smoother PathMissouri Petroleum's New Website

A St. Louis, MO based company since 1932, Missouri Petroleum has decades of experience in road construction and pavement preservation. They manufacture and distribute asphalt-based products to help preserve and maintain paved surfaces in over 30 states nationwide. Thanks to their experienced and expert personnel, they have a reputation for innovation and integrity that is unrivaled in the industry, An all-around laid-back group of people, this company strives for a smooth, solid path to success just like we do, which was what made working with them so enjoyable for us! Read More >


Restoration EyecareEnvisioning a Clearer World

Restoration Eye Care has been improving vision for Mid-Missourians since 2003. The kind and caring staff is highly knowledgeable and efficient in what they provide. Using the latest technologies available, they’re able to achieve precisely tailored and targeted results for each set of eyes who seek them out for greater visual clarity. It’s great to work with a company who considers clear vision to be as invaluable as we do. Read More >


Truth & Transparency in Marketing – a Trend in Messagingtruth-transparency-2

The verdict is in: Generic and dishonest marketing tactics are turning savvy buyers toward companies spreading an individualized message with an honest, human element. “People trust other people not brands,” says Kelsey Meyer, President of Influence & Co., “for this reason it’s important to be open and transparent in your messaging to show the human side of your business.”

Past practices and generational differences perpetuate the shift.

If consumers’ brains could talk while filtering through the messages of advertisers you might hear, “I don’t have to listen if I don’t want to and I don’t believe you anyway.” Advertisers now only have seconds to initiate a relationship.

The average person is assaulted with a barrage of 577 new marketing messages per week. Generation X and Millennials have sifted through marketing messaging at this rate every day of their lives.  As these generations move into buying power they are skeptical at best. As a Generation X-er I’ve grown up with remote controls and the internet, conveniences that have fortified my instinct to ignore and discount advertisements. Because the messages I hear 577 times a week don’t apply to me as a person in the moment I’m in. The advertisements lack the ability to connect, trust and be human. Read More >


thanksgivingfb-01Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to come together and update their family on the new things in their life. I’m only kidding, but it seems as though anyway. If you’re a college student, it’s, “How’s school?” If you’re a parent, it’s, “How little Billy liking kindergarten this year?” If you’re my great grandma, it’s, “Have you fallen lately?”

This year, after all the normal questions are asked, you should impress your family with Thanksgiving knowledge. Read More >


Grace Staffing Home Page

GRACE Staffing Inc., an innovative and original RN owned staffing company, has hundreds of quality health care and nursing jobs from which to choose. Founded in 2005, they are a veteran-owned business placing RN’s, / LPN’s, Licensed Therapists, and more. With them, you have the ability to choose your own schedule, pay, and location; your career can finally fit your lifestyle. GRACE Staffing Inc. values their employees as members of their family and family is what matters most. This was our second website we have built for them, and they are a lot of fun to work with! Read More >


Our newest guide is ready for download- build better websites with our Building Websites for Plumbers Guide for FREE! This guide is targeted towards plumbing companies but can be valuable for any trade company wanting to update their website. We provide examples of well designed websites, five website must haves and current plumbing industry website trends.

book-cover-2 Read More >


We call a sandwich with ham in the middle a ham sandwich. But when you read a menu, is it the ham that entices you to order the sandwich?marketing-sandwich-2

Here’s what I mean. Which sandwich would you order?

Honey Ham Griller: Thick-sliced honey baked ham, just how your grandma makes it, on buttered Texas toast grilled in a cast-iron pan. Topped with lettuce, tomato slab, caramelized onions and our secret savory honey mustard mayo.

Ham Sandwich: Our signature ham sandwich.

I know which sandwich I’d order. When faced with creating a marketing plan, business owners think strategy: how to market their message, how to generate more website traffic, how to set more appointments, how to make more sales. Your strategy is ham. It’s the meat of the sandwich. But if you jump straight to the meat, you miss the crucial why and what, the details separating your sandwich from others, that support your how. Read More >

How many Interns Does It Take To Open A Box?

How many Interns Does It Take To Open A Box?

A while back there was this box left on the desk the Interns work at. It sat there… maybe a day or two with Samantha, before Monica asked Allison to check the contents to see if the product came out right. She worked on that box a good 5 minutes before enlisting me into the endeavor. I did not do much better.

Eventually, we got it open, our egos bruised but still triumphant over the devil cardboard. The contents of the box were in perfect order and everything turned out great.

Still… It took three Interns before the box was finally opened….Jeeze.


secretThe idea of starting a social media campaign can be intimidating. When in reality you may already have the skills you need to be successful on social media, you just don’t know how to apply them. Try a new mind set: instead of thinking “I’m going to start a social media campaign”, think, “I’m going to make new friends.” Making friends is far less scary than social media. You know how to have conversations, give compliments and shake hands. And if you don’t, doing business must be just plain awkward. Here are my 5 secrets to social media success in “friendly” terms: Read More >

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