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secretThe idea of starting a social media campaign can be intimidating. When in reality you may already have the skills you need to be successful on social media, you just don’t know how to apply them. Try a new mind set: instead of thinking “I’m going to start a social media campaign”, think, “I’m going to make new friends.” Making friends is far less scary than social media. You know how to have conversations, give compliments and shake hands. And if you don’t, doing business must be just plain awkward. Here are my 5 secrets to social media success in “friendly” terms: Read More >


If only we could lay out website options for you like this…

It seems lately I’ve been asked quite often, “Why would I choose a custom WordPress site when another company can provide a SquareSpace site for less money?”

Often it is my responsibility to lead a company to the solution that best fits their needs, even if the solution isn’t a custom website built by MayeCreate. If I don’t lead them to the right solution, I am putting a long term relationship at risk.

Pros and Cons of Custom Websites vs. Templates

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love-wordpress-2WordPress,a free and open source blogging tool and content management system, is so popular among the web developers in our community it almost feels like a buzz word. Though statistics say WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress powers over 76 million websites, almost 26% of all websites. According to Builtwith.com, WordPress websites account for more than 42% of the top 10,000 sites using a content management system, more than any other alternative.

Why WordPress?

With stats like these WordPress must be easy to love. But what makes developers want to cuddle up? Read More >


Hometown Heroesblog_post_featured_img_bcfp

The Boone County Fire Protection District is the county’s helping hand. The volunteers of BCFPD provide EMS, fire suppression and rescue services to the citizens of Boone County. These services are provided from 14 fire stations placed strategically throughout the department’s 500 square mile jurisdiction. On average, the department answers over 4,000 calls for service each year. It was awesome to work with some of the heroes of our community!

Visual Division

The BCFPD website uses a lot of wide bands of color to separate sections of the web page, which gives it a nice parallax feel to help visually divide the content of the page without breaking it up too drastically. It’s easy on the eyes and mind of the viewer to absorb all of the info. Plus, this site is massive with the amount of fire stations and subpages given to each station respectively.

Are you looking for a website too?

Do you want your website to have viewer simplicity by visually dividing the content on pages, or do you just need a website in general? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.


Just because you have a giant, diverse email list doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed email marketing success. The success comes when you re-evaluate emails that get to people and what they do with them, and emails that don’t get to their recipients and why.

Bounce is the biggest issue.

The biggest issue with emails is bounce, but not all bounces are the same. For starters, there are soft bounces. These are generally related to technical issues— maybe the email server is not working, an inbox is full or a message is way too big. You might also be rejected as spam or blacklisted by the intended recipient.

But then there’s a hard bounce, which is different in its rejection. You may have sent a note to a nonexistent email address, or you might be completely blocked.

Let’s say your email gets to its intended recipients. If they don’t even look at the email, then it’s almost the same as if your email didn’t get to them at all. Part of what affects open rate is the industry in which you’re focused on. Some professions are simply more focused on opening those messages. And then some people will open their email if you use compelling information about who the email is from and what the subject is. You should also research the very best time to send out your emails, and make sure that you test, test, test— then test some more.

Want to know more about emails and opens and bounces? Use the information in this graphic.

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corey-1Hello, my name is Corey Logsdon. I graduated from Columbia College in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design, and a few months ago I was given the opportunity to come work for MayeCreate as a graphic designer and web developer.

Here at MayeCreate

For me, the thrill of the job will always be in taking the client’s needs and figuring out how to visually answer them. At MayeCreate I get to see firsthand how other designers also apply themselves to that task, and it’s always informative to watch. Everybody at the office is incredible. We all have our quirks – that’s what makes it feel like a family and not some bland corporate office – and we all have our different skills. Sometimes the workload will hint at a slow day, and then something happens, a last-minute revision request from the client or something on a site broke, and it’s all hands on deck for the next five hours. It’s a challenging task and keeps me on my toes, which is helped by a good thermos of coffee and an awesome playlist. Read More >


Online Marketing Lies Exposed


Just some light office reading of Monica’s article in the Columbia Business Times.

Every Time a client calls scared from a sales pitch from some goober company I’ve never even heard of I feel two things:  First, I feel angry that a company would resort to this type of tactic to generate business.  Then I feel grateful for the relationship I have with my client.  Because they trust me enough to call and talk about their unsettling experience.  

Not everyone is my client though, and not everyone has a marketing person they can trust to sort through the crap and tell it straight.  In an effort to thwart the goobers I’m calling the game so you can too.

You know they’re lying if…

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Oh, that beautiful view we will never get tired of! Photo by intern Allison Spence

The Border War Rivalry

I’m sure you all remember the infamous Border War rivalry between the Missouri Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks. The athletic competition between the two schools began in the 1890s when both schools were in the Western Interstate University Football Association. Sports Illustrated even described it as the oldest D1 rivalry west of the Mississippi River in 2011. Every year the Missouri-Kansas football game was held in Kansas City, Missouri to bring in fans from both schools.

How the Mizzou Homecoming Tradition Began

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Working Better Togetherblog_post_featured_img_building

The Communications Center, Inc. helps individuals, organizations and communities improve dialogue and thinking skills so they can work better together. The center offer services in consulting, coaching and facilitating for those struggling to resolve difficult issues and conversations. It was great working with a company who cares about their client’s success as much as we do!

Awesome Animation

One of the cool features on the Communication Center, Inc.’s Building Dialogue website is the animations. Whenever the mouse is hovering over a button, the colors change. On most buttons it highlights the icon first, and then highlights the words. It’s a quick animation, but it’s all in the details, right?

Are you looking for a website too?

Does your website need cool animations too, or do you just need a website in general? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.


millennialMillennial to many of us is a dirty word. It translates into entitlement, laziness, and a lack of communication and life skills. Millennial is even a dirty word to some millennials. Many of us, myself a borderline millennial included, were raised by parents who believed loving us meant giving us all kinds of love, even the tough kind. We are just as annoyed by the slackers, maybe even more so than those of older generations. Researchers and marketers need something to call people born after 1980, so this bad rep is reflected upon everyone. Read More >

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