High Value Services

blog_post_featured_img_globalGlobal Biologics, founded in May of 2011, has a mission to bring high value services and innovative molecular genomic service solutions to the research and biologic markets. In other words, they want to “do great science.” That’s why we got along so well; we want to “do great design”.

Their Design, Our Coding Expertise

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then we are hired to build someone else’s design and this was one of those cases. The original website design, created by the wonderful design team over at Hoot Design, was already awesome when it got to us. So I got to go in and work my coding magic and bring it all to life.

The color scheme of the logo is used in the rest of the website as both accent colors and the base for the whole look. Best of all, the wide layout gives the site a really wide open feeling without having a bunch of white everywhere giving the site a modern feeling without being completely minimalistic-y.

Are You Looking For a Redesign?

Is your site in need of an update, do you just need a site in general, or even a whole new logo? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.

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