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15 “Never Before Heard” Facts About/Concerning/Encompassing the Color GREEN:

  1. The color green can evoke the following emotions and feelings: balance, life, growth, healing, restoration, and new beginnings.
  2. Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye and is second only to blue as a favorite color.
  3. Green is the pervasive color in the natural world that is an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere.
  4. As the emblematic color of Ireland, green represents the vast green hillside as well as Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.
  5. In auto racing, a green flag signals the start or resumption of a race.
  6. Green is the color used for night vision goggles because the human eye is most sensitive and able to discern the most shades in that color.
  7. The hexadecimal color for romaine lettuce is #3B5323.
  8. Brands who utilize green in their advertising: BP, Starbucks, Heineken, John Deer, Android, Girl Scouts, The Masters Golf Tournament.
  9. Lime was the original scent of the bright green colored Magic Scents Crayons from Binney & Smith Inc. introduced in 1994 with mostly food scents. There were numerous reports that children were eating the food-scented crayons, so the food scents were retired and replaced with non-food scents. The scent for the color bright green became “eucalyptus”.
  10. Lime is a fragrance that is refreshing, uplifting and purifying. It is an aroma that can be cooling on the hot days of summer.
  11. The fleshy green spears of asparagus are both succulent and tender and have been considered a delicacy since ancient times.
  12. “Evergreen” by Barbra Streisand
  13. The message you send by driving a vehicle that is Dark Green: Traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced.
  14. There is a superstition that sewing with green thread on the eve of a fashion show brings bad luck to the design house.
  15. In China, jade stones represent virtue and beauty.

(Please take some of these facts with grain of salt as several most of them were found on the Internet.)

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