When Johann Luebbering, lead technician at Columbia Computer Center, was asked specifically about their competitive advantage he humorously replied, “It’s me, and how awesome I am. Obviously.” Johann, who has been with CCC for seven years, likes to makes jokes, but there’s no joke about the service CCC provides.

Creating a Business from Ruins

Columbia Computer Center was opened in 2001 by David Hutchinson and a fellow computer technician. “David bought a bunch of old computer parts and built a computer company out of the ruins”, explains Johann.

What started out of ruins is now a 12 year old, 15 employee, two-location empire focusing on residential and small business technical support and more. They’re even opening a fancy gaming center! But more on that later.

Providing the Best Work Possible


Lead technician Johann Luebbering (left) stands with part of his team of excellent techs at Columbia Computer Center.

Columbia Computer Center’s services range from small business IT support to computer repairs to limited consulting to network analysis and design. “We’re the IT department for those who can’t afford their own IT department,” Johann explains.

One of the largest services CCC offers is in-shop computer repairs. In-home computer repairs can get expensive explains Johann, “we try to make things as reasonable as possible for residential customers who need their computer fixed up and don’t want to have to pay for expensive on-site charges. If your computer breaks, you bring it in to us, we fix it, doing whatever needs doing.”

“We train excellent techs to do excellent work,” explains Johann. The company was built around the notion of providing the best work possible – even if that means reaching out to other local IT businesses.

“An advantage of working with me is I’m not afraid to call someone else if they’re better at what our customer needs,” admits Johann. “If I don’t know the answer, I’ll either learn it or seek out someone locally and bring them in on it.” Most people in the IT industry are afraid to do such a thing. Does this gesture make Johann more of a consultant? Possibly…but CCC’s absolute priority is happy customers, “we do whatever people need to have done to make their technology life easier.”

The newest adventure Columbia Computer Center is embarking on is Game On, a LAN center…with a different approach. Essentially, Game On will be a hangout for young gamers by day and gaming bar for adults by night, appealing to all ages of superheroes and heroines. The plan is to have 10 gaming systems throughout the facility with the capability of 5×5 multiplayer games. Game On will give gamers the opportunity to sit with the players they want to play with and the opportunity for face-to-face insults.

Going Mobile with Tranquility’s Wireless Internet


Because they use Tranquility’s wireless internet, Columbia Computer Center isn’t stuck in one place – unlike these office tools we found buried in a pile of screws at their Lakeview location.

Tranquility has been providing service to Columbia Computer Center for many years, even before Johann’s time. Having formerly worked at Tranquility, Johann is well aware of the support and customer service Tranquility affords.

Johann describes Tranquility as “small business with a small business attitude toward their clients.” What does that mean? “They’re more personal. Local tech support providing actual people concerned with your problem.”

Columbia Computer Center has utilized various Tranquility services, and they’re currently using Tranquility’s wireless internet as a backup connection!

The thing about Tranquility’s wireless internet is just that… It’s wireless, meaning you can carry around your internet hotspot. This wireless service is something Johann can load into his car and take to a customer who is having internet issues.

A local Columbia business called Johann for help with internet distress. (Not from Tranquility, of course.) Johann was unable to fix the problem as it was with their Internet service provider, but Johann realized he could bring them a wireless Tranquility modem, leave it for a few days and provide them service until the initial problem could be resolved.

Wireless internet is one of the many services Tranquility provides, the most important of which is customer service. A happy to help support staff is available during regular business hours, willing to explain and solve your problems and get you back on the information highway.

Creating a Presence with MayeCreate


Just a year ago, Columbia Computer Center went live with their new website from MayeCreate Design.

Settling into quite a successful business, Columbia Computer Center needed a presence on the information highway. MayeCreate Design, Tranquility Internet’s sister company, was happy to do just that.

Given the connection between Johann and Monica, as past co-workers at Tranquility, the solution to CCC’s website needs was obvious. MayeCreate to the rescue!

Johann is a firm believer of not questioning how others do their jobs, “if I hire you to do a job it’s because you know more than I do,” states Johann, “some people charge ludicrous sums of money while others are just art students who think they’re web designers and want to charge $25 for a website you’re never going to get. I wanted a local business professional I could trust.”

MayeCreate can take budding ideas and grow them into something spectacular. Because of this reputation, Johann allowed MayeCreate free reign, and never looked back.


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