GILS new website

GILS new website

We’re international. That’s right, we built a site being used to market to Chinese investors (and investors in other countries soon). We had the pleasure of working with Ms. Karla Klingner Diaz on the Global Innovative Logistics Solutions (GILS for short) site – along with some fancy bi-lingual business cards and other marketing materials.

GILS works with foreign investors, managing their investment in American businesses and uses the EB-5 Program to help them gain citizenship. Because of the nature of the business, some information is classified which required building a top-notch membership section for the password protected content.

One of the many advantages of working with GILS is their extensive relationships with Regional Development Centers. The regional centers they manage are directly involved with the promotion of economic growth, job creation and other vital responsibilities. GILS puts it best, “Our experience owning, managing and leasing multiple Regional Centers allows greater access to manage and place investments and get projects off the ground.”

Investing in the Web


The GILS website before.

As a relatively young company working in a global market, looking as professional and knowledgeable as they are is a high priority. The old GILS website didn’t do them justice. It was plain, with icky stock photography of strangers and a boring grey background. The site didn’t evoke a feeling of trust, power, or authority.

The new website, designed and built by MayeCreate Design, commands your attention. Increasing the content made available describing the services GILS offers along with their competitive advantages provides insight into their area of expertise. The professional and up to date website presents a trustworthy image to potential investors. Check it out at:

Invest in Your Image

Is your website presenting the best side of your business or organization? Are you looking for a local professional who wants to help you? Give MayeCreate Design a call. We specialize in web design, but do lots of other things really well too! Check out the What We Do section for insight into how we can help and our Portfolio section for examples of how we have helped others. Don’t be shy. Get you pride on and call today (573-447-1836)!


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