15 “Never Before Heard” Facts About / Concerning / Encompassing the Color PURPLE:


Purple, purple, PURPLE!

  1. MayeCreate Project Manager, Amanda, loves the color purple so much she calls it her “favorite!” (Sadly, Amanda is no longer with us—she’s returned to school full-time! Go, girl!)
  2. The color purple evokes a feeling of creativity, imagination, and could make you feel wise.
  3. People often reference violet as “purple.” However, violet is actually closer to blue, and is usually less intense and bright than purple.
  4. Businesses who utilize purple in their advertising are the Syfy Channel, Yahoo, Cadbury (Mmmm…chocolate…), Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hallmark!
  5. Purple represents the planet Jupiter.
  6. A “purple heart” is a U.S. military decoration for soldiers wounded or killed in battle.
  7. In Thailand, purple is worn by a widow mourning her husband’s death.
  8. Grapes are purple. (Well, they CAN be…)
  9. “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley, written in 1958, is a song about a strange creature (a “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater”) who descends to Earth because it wants to be in a rock ’n’ roll band. (http://youtu.be/X9H_cI_WCnE)
  10. The hexadecimal code for Eggplant is #816687.
  11. Purple was one of the first colors used in prehistoric art.
  12. In China, purple represents spiritual awareness, physical and mental healing, strength and abundance.
  13. Prince (Excuse me, I mean TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsPrince) sings a song about “Purple Rain” which, in 1984, won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score.
  14. Words rhyming with purple: curple (a strap on a horse’s saddle), hirple (walk with a limp), and turple (to fall over).
  15. Purple Day, the International Day of Epilepsy Awareness, is March 26. Purple is the color for epilepsy awareness because of the association with lavender, which is a traditional herbal treatment for the disease.

(Please take some of these facts with a grain of salt as several most of them were found on the internet… But you know what they say: if it’s on the internet it HAS to be true.)

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