When was the last time you could send mail for 14.5¢? (Hint 1975.) Would you believe it if we told you that day could be today?! With Every Door Direct Mail, a service that MayeCreate now provides, in partnership with USPS, you are able to do so.

Every Door Direct Mail allows you to send mailings to large groups of people without having their addresses or names. You are now able to reach the market that you have long desired.

A hands off approach to direct mail

Postcard Design for Every Door Direct Mail in Columbia MO

Recent postcard designs delivered through Every Door Direct Mail

  • No hand addressing envelopes
  • No licking stamps
  • No need to purchase a mailing list
  • Choose the postal route that best matches your target market

Deliver where it counts

Working through the United States Postal Service, we are able to pull up a map and narrow your mailing down to certain neighborhoods, a city near your business or even the zip code. Unlike a mailing list, which you don’t have to buy, the USPS only delivers mail to active postal addresses so you won’t waste postage on empty homes or businesses.

This great service also allows you to grow your business with more potential clients discovering what you have to offer for them.

Contact us

Are you interested in what Every Door Direct Mail has to offer to your business and want to learn more? Contact MayeCreate and let us help you out from the design to the mailbox.

Oh and for those of you who are interested in knowing when you could send mail for .145¢, 1975 stamps were 13¢.

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