Presenting the new & improved Deli Llama Orchestra Medicine Show, a web design by MayeCreate Design

It’s not very often that we get the chance to work with clients who travel all over the world. Deli Llama Orchestra, a group of musicians who bounce all over the globe spreading harmonious music and clean water, do just that though! We’ve had the pleasure of creating their website,

This web design has bold, bright Rastafarian colors with textured neutral backgrounds. Large slideshows and photo viewers allow viewers to “travel the world with DLO”. As the Deli Llama Orchestra continues on their worldly travels, they will be updating their blog. If you’re not going to be skipping across the great puddles, you can find information about their latest cd, Soul Food, on their website. Some of the instruments used include Tibetan bowls, guitar and flute.
Check it out:

It was great fun to work with the Deli Llama Orchestra and learn about their mission to bring “singing bowls” and clean water to the many gatherings they play at. We enjoy working with individuals and businesses who take great pride in what they do.

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