MayeCreate and Tranquility New Email Template Feature BreakdownHave you noticed our new hair-do? 

We’ve redesigned our email templates.  And we’re super proud of the new look.  On our new emails you’ll find the following fun…

MayeCreate and Tranquility Email Template Features Breakdowna)      Both Tranquility and MayeCreate happenings.

Double the fun!  We’re teaming up to keep you posted on tech news, tips and updates.

b)     Snap shot of our monthly blog posts.

Here we’ve listed the titles of the articles highlighted in our newsletter. These titles link directly to our website, where you can read the articles referenced.

c)     The coolest blog post we wrote this month.

The must read featured article straight from us to you!

d)     Handy How-To Info.

Our goal is at least two how to articles per month.  We pair them with step by step instructions, photos and more to guide you.

e)     Meet a member of our team or a recently completed project.

We’d like to introduce you to the multiple members of our team.  Our team members and our clients are important to the sphere of MayeCreate and Tranquility.  Here we’ll share one each month.

f)      Blog Highlights.
Our goal is to blog about many things throughout the month.  We don’t want to overwhelm you in our e-newsletters so we’re highlighting the best of the best. If you’d like to be notified about all of what we’ve got going on please subscribe to the MayeCreate and Tranquility RSS feeds or friend MayeCreate and Tranquility on Facebook.

g)      Super Important Announcement.
We’ve reserved a spot in the right column for a super important announcement.  We’ll make sure it’s pretty and prominent so you don’t miss the good stuff.  Recently we’ve been using it to tell you about our upcoming MayeCreate workshops.

h)       Fancy Modifiable Header.
The header image in our emails will change from time to time to better highlight the e-newsletter contents.  So if it’s not exactly the same each time don’t be fooled!  It’s just us being creative.

Our emails are sent from and  If you receive and email from a suspicious address please report it to us.  Sneaky email bandits sometimes try to trick recipients into giving them your username, password or worse.  Rest assured we’ll NEVER ask you for this information in a mass email.  Feel free to double check by forwarding suspicious emails to the addresses above and we’ll let you know if it’s real or not.

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