Joplin Relief Rider Full Shot Joplin Relief RiderOur friends downstairs, Prudential Vision Properties, uncovered a hard to swallow truth. As we all know in May a tornado devastated the residents of Joplin, Missouri. The state and country raced to their aid. As the rest of us go back to our everyday lives the people of Joplin now work to rebuild their homes, businesses and city.
The city won’t rebuild overnight. Prudential realized the community doesn’t just need help today, they will also need help in the months and years to come.

This Rider has Meaning.

Real Estate Agents everywhere have the opportunity to participate in the Joplin relief moment by donating a percentage of each home sale. 100% of the funds donated will be distributed by the United Way of Joplin to the people effected.

Pat ‘Em on the Back.

When you see this bright rider topping a sale sign tell the agent thanks. Give them a pat on the back, or better yet buy that Joplin Relief listing!

To participate in this program contact JD Calvin with Prudential Vision Properties.
(573) 449-6200

P.S. We designed that fancy rider!  And no, our parking lot is not for sale!

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