We ended up with an impromptu display on our walls that yielded great discussion and well uncovered the fine art talents at MayeCreate.  Andrea Jira showed up with bells on to display her lovely Jira Collection jewelery which we all ogled, tired on and thoroughly enjoyed.  JD from Prudential came upstairs to check on us and we put him to work hanging art!

Artrageous director Kate Gunn stopped by and we got to meet Andrea’s new photographer Rebecca Allen, I’ve added some of her photos of new Jira Collection jewelry showcased on Friday to our Artrageous gallery. We also enjoyed speaking with Katy from Creative Days Art Studio and Joe with Missouri Solar Solutions.

Marie and Monica pulled together a list minute wall show to grace our bare walls for the evening.  Marie’s pieces are a very welcome addition to our walls, in fact we like them so much we think we may just keep them up!  We’ll have to all over to see them once we’ve framed, matted and hung the sketches and water colors so you can see them in their full glory!

Should we keep it?  Vote on our facebook page!

Monica grabbed her fabric art from the walls of her home and solicited a few of her family members to allow her to “borrow” the wall hangings she’d gifted to them for the evening.  Two portiaits of Tutz, Travis with Tranquility Internet‘s dog are hanging behind the group cheers photo.

Thank you to all who attended, we enjoyed your company and conversation.  Please mark your calendars for the next Artrageous Friday July 22.

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