• Heading 1: Don’t use this style please, it confuses browsers, use Heading 4 instead it’s the same!
  • Heading 2: This is used throughout the site to label the side bar items, don’t use it in the main body, use Heading 3 instead!
  • Heading 3: Main Header Option 1, use this in places where you’ll have subheadings with sub-subheadings, example:
  1. Heading 3
    1. i.      Heading 4 (subheading)
      1. Heading 5 (sub-subheading)
  • Heading 4: Main Header Option 2, use this in places where you’ll have only one set of subheadings, example:
  1. Heading 4
    1. i.      Heading 5 (subheading)
  • Heading 5: Use liberally throughout to notate subheadings
  • Bold: Make important text in a paragraph bold.
  • DON’T UNDERLINE THINGS!!! It makes them look like a link.  Instead make them bold or change the text color.
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