Need your emails to be forwarded from your GoDaddy email address to another?

Here’s how!

If ever you need to add an email address to a forwarding account, you’ll just need to go to, log in to the email section with your GoDaddy username and password and then click on the “Email Forwarding Plans” link. To add an email to this forwarding account, you’ll just click on the “Manage Account” link under the Control Panel headline in the gray box. It will open up another window called Email Control Center and you’ll see an “add” button (it’s orange) and you’ll just click that and then type in the name of the email address you’d like your GoDaddy email account to forward the messages to.

It might sound confusing, but we promise it’s not! Once you go to the website you’ll see that it’s pretty straightforward. This is not a service that we offer for those of you who do use GoDaddy as your hosting site, so we can’t do it for you, but these instructions should help you get it accomplished in no time at all!

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