Layer_3This whole idea started with me (Monica)  saying, “I love animals, why can’t we have animals in our ads?”

To this Danielle says, “well they’re your ads, you can do what you want.  If you want animals use animals!”

I love it when she tells me I can do what I want!

But what should kitty say?

Tell us what you think!

Something that will turn a readers head and make them think, “who are those crazy people?”
Or better yet, “hey I want them to build my website!”

Here are all the ads in the campaign so far, with other unsuspecting animals yet to come:

The puppy is just too cute with the text generated by Laura Schafer, our dear friend and past marvelous copywriter.  James and I pondered over the hamster and frog ad on a car trip.   The kitty ad is up to everyone else!

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