Our website showcase was a great success!  Thank you to all who came and participated and thank you to all the businesses who presented.

After overcoming some minor technical difficulties (we didn’t know if our cord was long enough to reach from the laptop to the projector) we started our event at promptly 4:30.  Our first official guest was Matt Quintero, one of Monica’s fellow Rotaract members.  He was followed by about 75 other attendees.  What a turn out!  We had hoped for a crowed of 50 but were just delited with the additional 25 guests.

Andrea Jira had her beautiful jewlery on models.  The families of David Robinson, Don Brockelman and Chris Johns came in suport of thier businesses.  Room-38 served up some great grub.

All and all we feel the event was a great success, one we plan to have again perhaps in the fall to showcase some other great projects and businesses.

Thanks again to all who attended you made the event  a success!

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