We finally made the jump, we’re placing ads in a business journal. Why these ads and why this publication?  Take a look in our heads…

Thought I’d share our decision making process with you, maybe it can help when you place ads.

Why did we choose a business journal?

Our target market is businesses and we are trying to reach the market in this particular journals distribution area.  We thought it might be a good fit!

Why did we decide to run this size ad?

There aren’t a billion ads in this publication which is good for us and made us feel like we didn’t need a huge ad to stand out.  Why not just design something totally kookie and see if someone notices.  So far the ad’s been running for a half of a month and no phone calls yet, but we’ll let you know how it all goes.

How do we decide what to put in the ad?

We thought less is more in such a small ad.  Just a little quip.  Problem was how to get it a little quip but still tell folks what we do.  So we thought we’ll the animals could be thinking and then we can have a tag line.  But that just seemed so passive.  So we thought how about the animal says something and then we have a tag line!  Then Lindsay says, “how about the animal says something and then the logo says something back!”  GENIOUS!!!

Our logo is different in this ad, why?

The funny quip just couldn’t say it all.  But we wanted it to be the focus and didn’t have space for a service list.  So we compromised.  We are pushing websites in this publication so why not be MayeCreate Web Design instead of MayeCreate design?  Not too far off and we’re flexible around here so we ran with it.  If it offends you let us know.

Not too scary ha?

Of course not!  Well maybe a bit scary considering you just looked inside of our heads and generally that means you found a bunch of empty tupperware piled up in stacks and jars of peanut butter. (Come to our office if that statement confuses you 🙄 )  So if you’re wanting to brainstorm about your next ad campain or trying to figure out where or what size just give us a shout and we’ll help you through or at least point you in the right direction.

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