Why would anyone in their right mind offer so much knowledge for free?

Easy: we’re not in our right mind.  No, really; we want you to know. Our founder has been helping companies design websites for over a decade.  In Internet time, that’s like an eternity.  Each time a client call us, the challenge seems to be the same: they’re overwhelmed, they’re not sure where to start and not feeling comfortable about planning their project.  What better way to start a relationship with new people than to share with them the knowledge that they’re seeking?

We’re not trying make you into a web designer; we want to help you, the marketing professional or anyone else who’s been slapped with the task of getting information together to build or rebuild the company website.

Our goal is to share with you the tools that you need to make a capable decision about what should be in your site and who should build it. We want you to  feel empowered when you go to start the website building process and feel certain you’re moving in the right direction. Sharing the correct information with prospects so you can make more money. That doesn’t sound so hard right?


We hope you’ll be ready to build the perfect site for your company, and that throughout our e-course, we’ll have left you with a favorable impression of MayeCreate Design.  We hope that you will consider giving us a call when you’re ready to get started interviewing designers so that we can help you plan and build the perfect project!


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